Monday, October 22, 2007

What did you get for Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day was on Saturday and Eric and I "got" each other stuff for the house. He "gave" me an installed wrought iron railing on our master bedroom porch deck. And I gave him the porch quote that was emailed to me that day (Finally! We got one! And we like it! And we like the contractor!) OK, really we just claimed stuff that other people were taking care of as "gifts" to each other, but we were both so thrilled with them that we enjoyed them just as much as the box of chocolates I bought at the Market that day. And then today I got this bonus gift:
We picked up the various other indoor & outdoor lights awhile ago:
But we had not come up with a suitable pendant for the front porch. We mulled over various online options, but Eric really wanted to see and touch one in person. We went to Panic Lighting today and they had 2 lights we considered, but I was still stuck on the Quoizel one I'd seen online. In fact, we were at Panic because the Quoizel website listed them as one of their distributors. So I asked if we could order the light from them. Affirmative. Our salesperson pulled out the catalog and it was about the same cost as the ones in stock. And Eric agreed to order it despite not having actually touched it. He's the sweetest indeed!

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