Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sensational Insulation

We have had inordinate luck with picking contractors who (mostly) show up exactly when they say they are going to and get the job done in the manner promised. Let's take the insulation, for instance. YESTERDAY Eric faxed them the contract saying we were ready to start and TODAY we have an insulated master bedroom. It was interesting because it was quieter than it has ever been since the batting absorbs all of the extra noise! Check out our ceiling:
A ceiling fan/light will one day be where the white circle is poking out. And our "loft" space is visible on the right portion of the photo. The perspective makes it look like a flat wall, but there's at least 4 feet (width) of space up there! We also have an insulated master bathroom (bear with us, it's hard to see, but trust us, it's done)!

So inspired were we by the fast progress being made by the insulation guys that it occurred to Eric that we still have (had) some drywall that needed to be removed on the steps to the basement. After all, if they're going to town insulating the house, let's make sure they insulate the WHOLE HOUSE! So Eric knocked out the rest of the drywall as you see here:

Those lovely wires indicate that we have working electricity to light up this stairwell....To the left of that wall would be where the old vinyl siding was on the house's exterior. And where our framing crew found an old (and rotted) door that was original to the house. This stairwell was originally a wrap-around porch and the access to the basement was steps in the closet of what will be our guest bedroom (we're not quite taking reservations yet!)

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