Monday, October 1, 2007

Lights, inspection, action!

Brandon (one of our electric contractors) worked diligently over the weekend (he was even there on Saturday while we were painting) and we've got LIGHTS throughout the house. Mind you, these are merely bulbs stuck into sockets, nothing fancy, but they give out ILLUMINATION! Meaning we can now be in the house after dark and SEE what we're doing (inside at least)! Most impressive is the basement (formerly referred to as the cave). Each of the 3 rooms now has two rectangular fluorescent fixtures that set the basement aglow like it's broad daylight. And they can be turned on by switches BEFORE you enter the room (instead of fumbling in the dark for a pull cord). Eric and I took advantage of this by doing a little basement cleaning tonight....there's still miles to go on this, but a little debris is gone.

Also of note: today was our structural inspection and with the exception of two minor details (1- a rafter needed shimming - done- and 2-safety glass on one second story window)...we PASSED! So Eric faxed the insulation contract back and they are starting TOMORROW!

And our EMTEK Arts & Crafts mortise locksets came today ( We stopped by M&M Doors and dropped them off so they can be installed in the doors that are being custom made for the house....and we got a sneak peek at them, they look great! Brad (from M&M) estimates they'll be ready in jusst a couple weeks!

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