Friday, March 30, 2007

We've got the construction drawings!!!

OK, at least we've got an email from our fab architect Steve telling us they were actually done today. But E-man headed off on a scooter for Cincinnati this afternoon and I wasn't sure if the proliferation of copies we requested were done when I left work at 4PM, so on Monday we'll have drawings!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting along!

This is a photo of harmony at our house. These two canines are enjoying a proximity heretofore unknown in this household. Wiley has figured out that Bogart is a meddlesome, but otherwise harmless puppy who she can pin to the floor at a moments notice. Bogart dotes on Wiley, licks her ears, whines at her to play with him, rolls on his back during wrestling and lets her win at tug-of-war!

Houseblog HIJACKED!!!

This is at the request of sister Heather who demanded more photos of the new lad.
Top pic is Bogart (then Bart) lounging at his foster mom's pet store. He'll not be running for Congress with that Playboy pose in his history and now out on the web.
Middle pic is him contemplating chewing on Eric's shoes- a favorite past-time, but he's passing because it's not his favorite pair of tennies- E's Ponys! Those hiking shoes are too tough.
Bottom pic is him in his favorite observe-the-household-spot, the couch. Either curled in a corner or stretched out in the middle he's quite content and Wiley doesn't seem to mind sharing!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Back At It

Wednesday we returned to the house to finish pulling the kitchen wiring. While Eric worked on the wiring, Mary cleaned up the second floor, which had what appears to be recently moved insulation scattered across the floor. It looks like one of the wild creatures who live in the house is trying to adapt to the new environment and make space for a new home. Is it the squirrel from the front eaves or the raccoon which lives in our chimney? Can't say. But it looks like our animal issues are far from over.

Today (Friday) we walked through the house with our architect and a structural engineer. The engineer was being consulted regarding the removal of two walls, lowering a floor and modifying the roof line. The good news: he had ideas to accomplish everything. The bad news: it seems every design element impacted some other part of the house, and each of these other areas will likely need some modification to make it work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We really MEANT to go to the house today!

I got home from work at 4 just as Mr. Martineau and our friend Brian pulled up on their scooters. Obviously mischief was afoot and they were both playing hooky from work. E and I were going to go to the house and remove the last traces of wiring, do general cleaning and get stuff out of there in preparation for the day (someday) that the contractors will start to work. Alas, it was seventy degrees outside and the park beckoned. So a new plan was hatched and we drove to Bri's with the dogs, then walked them (Bogart, Wiiley & Buddy) to Glen Echo Ravine for a romp...and for Wiley a swim in the creek then a slosh through the mud. We hiked back to B's where Wiley got a hose-down and we got beers on the patio. Bri's dog Buddy is a little cattle dog mix who's as friendly as can be to dogs and humans alike. The trio got along fabulously and Wiley and Buddy did their best to wear out Bogart. A great time was had by all. The humans were rewarded with dinner at the Dube.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Waiting Game...

We've interviewed numerous contractors and handy-people to assertain what component of our project they are willing and able to undertake and to find folks we can work with. With the exception of one contractor, we're still awaiting bids (the one we received being virtually twice our budget, although we REALLY liked the guy). We're awaiting bids because these folks are awaiting construction drawings to give them a better idea of the true scope of the work to be done. We signed the contract for the construction drawings today. Now it's "hurry up and wait" for two weeks while Steve and Dean consult with a structural engineer and put their pencils to paper and create the technical drawings. That will enable us to obtain the necessary permits, hire somebody (ies) and get to piecing the place back together! In the meantime, I've discovered the joy of "purging" on Craigslist and the bathroom cabinet from the house now has a new home. As does an old green cabinet with glass drawers from our bedroom. With the first two transactions successfully completed I am contemplating what else I can drag out of the basement and post for sale online. And given the nature of the first contractor bid on the house, it may be a newfound method of funding! Only 1,000 more transactions to go!

Dog update: the name-still-to-be-determined fellow currently going by "Bart" (the name he came with) or "Bogart" (favorite name in the running) is adjusting to life in our home. He doesn't mind his crate unless you've instructed him to go there so that you may leave the house without chaos ensuing and then he whines pitifully. He has determined that the left corner of the couch is a mighty fine perch from which to survey the house or take a nap and Wiley has not challenged him, but maintains her patch of hearth. He has not learned exactly what constitutes a "toy" so slippers, socks, hats and empty water bottles are all fair game. His first true bout of destruction came when we went out to dinner with Dad Mac on Wednesday night. His crate was moved from the guest bedroom to my closet so that Dad might sleep in peace later that night. When we returned an hour later, it was to a snowfall of downy feathers. The down comforter that is his evening bed was too close to his crate (who knew?) He dragged enough of it in with him to put a couple holes in it and get feathers everywhere. He also managed to harvest a sweatshirt, scarf and purse (sorry Heather, your Xmas gift - but only the strap- is TOAST!) from the pegs in my closet hanging next to his crate. How he managed to get all of that stuff INTO his crate between the tiny bars is a complete mystery! This afternoon, E and I were taking a nap and Bart was sitting in the doorway to our bedroom. The most woeful moaning started coming from the hallway...Wiley wanted in and wasn't sure about passing the boy. Apparently she hasn't figured out that while he's a pushy boy, he wouldn't harm a thing, least of all the bigger dog in the house. So after calling her countless times to "come" and getting no result, we decided to try a different tactic...."GET HIM!" To which her response was like, "Really? I can pounce on him?" And we were all, "By all means have at it! We're going to need your help training this (adorable) brat!" And a joyful game of dog posturing and pouncing and bouncing and bounding up and down the hallway ensued. And all parties were quite content. And the newbie was officially initiated into the family.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Houseblog Interrupted

We interrupt this regularly scheduled houseblog for an important bulletin...The Martineau household is now plus one canine...the cute ball of fur in the previous post currently known as "Bart". His foster mom had to watch someone else's dogs and rather than kennel him, she brought him to us. He's on antibiotics, ear drops and we have to do coupage (thump on his side) three times a day to loosen any remaining flem, but he's a delightful young boy. This kid who had been sooooo mellow upon our first two meetings was very animated when we received him today. First order was to go for a walk about the neighborhood. He's a very "close walker" which will inevitably result in tripping me until we teach him the proper "heel." He knows "sit" (reluctantly) and "gimme five" and would prefer to sit in your lap, thank you very much. We've set up the crate in the guest bedroom and he contentedly napped there this afternoon. We set up a baby gate and permitted him to the first floor landing for the evening. There's a small percentage chance that the variety of pneumonia he has/had is contagious so we are keeping Bart and Wiley relatively separated and washing our hands (and faces) after we touch him before we touch Wiley. Bart's very "paw" oriented and will use them to let you know that he wants you to continue petting him, or wants out of the room he's sequestered in and into the one you're in. He's pretty submissive, but demanding when he's determined to have something (like out of his room). He's supposed to not be overly exerting himself and I unknowingly set off a tasmanian devil response when I made a "zerbert" noise at him. He was like "game ON!" and went tearing about the dining room and back at me wanting to be chased. I'm sleeping the the guest bedroom with him tonight. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. But do stop by for a visit and bring an extra treat for Wiley who is adjusting to the intrusion in her single dog solitude.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why no housework got done today

We drove to Gahanna Animal Hospital twice before noon to visit with this little guy. He's currently called Bart and he's a rescue from southern Ohio that a local animal rescue group is looking to place. We met him for the first time on Wednesday and fell in love. He had to go to the vet because he wasn't feeling well and it turns out he's got doggy pneumonia. So he was at the vet until today getting properly looked after. Turns out the little guy is feeling better and feisty. For such a calm and mellow fellow, he thrice removed his IV and e-collar. They decided he could leave, but needs sub-cutaneous fluids, and antibiotics for a few more days. So he's back with his foster mom (he might be contagious and she doesn't have any other pets) until Wednesday, has another vet appointment Thursday, and if all goes well from THERE, he might get to come to his "forever home" (ours) by next weekend! So you all say your best doggy prayers that he makes a full recovery very soon! If YOU are looking for a furry new family member, may we recommend