Monday, August 27, 2007

Let there be light(s).

So, Eric and I took a little detour to Great Indoors when our flight to New York (6:30AM) was cancelled last Friday (9/24) and delayed until late afternoon. We were there to check out entry door locksets. Alas, no luck finding the style we wanted there (Arts & Crafts). We happened past the lighting department and learned that all lighting and ceiling fans were 20% off (if you spent enough $$$) until 9/29. We were pretty sure we'd meet their challenge since we're outfitting an entire house from scratch! We stopped by on Monday night with our electrical drawings that spell out where all of the lighting in the house is located. And we went to work selecting the various fixtures. We started in the outdoors lights. In the photo below we chose the one in the center - a small version for on our bedroom balcony, the large version for the back porch. It's in a silvery bronze (not that you can tell from the photo) so we got a Minka fan for the back porch to match. (see here:
This is a kind of dark photo of the Emerson fan we chose for the master bedroom:
or here (

This more traditionally styled Emerson for our living room:

And then we got crazy on the lighting for the dining/entry room. I think the brand might be Madison Avenue - or maybe the series name- but we bought 4 pieces it, so obviously we liked it! We got this chandelier for the main room, the wall sconce peaking out below for next to the front door, a single hanging unit for over the "bar" area and a squared-off flush mount for the ceiling at the base of the steps upstairs:

All in all, I think we spent about 2 hours, took home 9 fixtures and special ordered the Minka fan in rubbed bronze for the guest bedroom. (
The staffer helping us at Great Indoors was very helpful. She found all of the items, assured they were in stock and patiently rang up an extra discount we earned when 2 of the items incorrectly rang up for more than the posted price. (It's their policy to give you an extra 5% off if it comes up more expensively than posted- we'll take it!) We literally closed the place down and were the last customers loading stuff into our car. But our electrician starts this week and we're ready for him!

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