Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Best Kind of Night Lights

Are holiday lights. And this is just half of them. Eventually the porch columns and railings were decked out too!
It's hard to get a non-blurry photo at night. Sorry!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween horrors!

Eric and I like to have fun in couples costumes when possible for Halloween. We've been Zorro and his lady love, Storm and Cyclops of the Xmen and one of the more goofy/ingenious creations: the Verizon wireless guy (can you hear me now?) and Eva Save-a-lot. This year we went with Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil. It might be our most frightening combination yet. Do you have any idea how time-consuming it is to apply that many (realistically researched) temporary tatoos? Or the crazy eyes? Behold the power of wifebeater, fake fur and bouffant beehive hairdo:
Eric gives a worthy cracked-out look:
The duo:
We went to a party at the Adam's famiily household and shared couchtime with "Sheriff Aggie":
MUCH earlier in the evening we were visited by the too darling Reno clan:
Amy Winehouse was a far from original costume as there were three others at the party we attended. But Ivan had to be one of my favorites:
Bru and Amanda came with us. Amanda makes a mean Sarah Palin. She met her running mate at the Halloween High Ball:
Angela B wins for most realistic portrayal of Amy Winehouse. I think that's even her own hair: One may question who is the drag queen in this photo:

And it would be a legitimate query!