Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

And a Sunday at that! Eric and I got to the house at 10AM this morning to take advantage of the gorgeous weather (78 for October ain't bad...almost unheard of!) and crank on the exterior painting. On the way to the house, Eric made a sarcastic comment about not being sure he'd recognize the house what with all the drywall work done (b/c they'd been awol the past week and not expected on a Sunday). If you recall, about 3 sheets of drywall had been hung to date. To our astonishment there was a van in our driveway and the house was literally abuzz with activity. There were about 8 guys working and almost 1/3 of the drywall had been hung by 10AM! According to Carolyn, they'd been waiting there an hour when she got there at 7:30AM to let them in! By 5PM the whole house was covered in drywall. Next up, a crew comes to haul away the debris (and there are piles of it- drywall leftovers). Then another crew comes in to do the mudding and finishing. And now for a barrage of photos of drywall-covered walls that look remarkably uninteresting in photos, while awe-inspiring to see in person. Do drop by for a tour if you are around! Starting with the magnificent arches (looking towards the kitchen):
This is standing in front of the bay window in the living room looking at the ceiling (the little window goes to our 2nd floor):
The pocket doors now glide smoothly and are completely removable thanks to new hardware installed by Phillips Renovation (brilliant)! Now looking from the living room (hi pocket doors)through the study into the guest bathroom:
If you ever stay over, this is the guest bedroom (we promise it will be cleaner):
Looking out the front door, note the soffit hiding our ductwork:
They even refinished the whole coat closet so we have a nice smooth ceiling and walls! This is the kitchen looking out the back door:
Notice that the kitchen ceiling isn't drywalled? That's because it's supposed to get plywood...all the better to attach a pressed tin ceiling to it! (Cross your fingers with me that works out). The master bedroom with the French doors:
And the "loft"in the master bedroom. You might notice the beam at the top that is currently covered in drywall. That was one of the few "oops-es". That is supposed to be exposed. It will end up that way. Carolyn said they'd rip off the drywall before the refinishers take over!
Are you scratching your head in awe and amazement at that whole thing getting done on a Sunday? Yeah, we were too! But we had plenty of our own work to do! Eric and I spent the day attempting to finish the exterior painting. We got the whole back of the house done and looking spiffy (we had to live up to the promise of the new iron railing). I worked the sides and eaves. Of course, by the time we were done it was too dark for photos, but here's E hard at work at the peak of the house:

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