Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How much tile does one couple need?

We need a lot. Actually, we needed "splies". We went to the Tile Shop after work today to get MORE tile and other stuff (yes, we were just at Hamilton Parker yesterday, no we are not tile-obsessed...well, maybe a little). First order of business was to order the "Kund" ceramic slate gray and mustard tiles (18x18) for our kitchen...and all of the accompanying supplies to complete the job (ourselves) including trowels, sponges, spacers, grout, backerboard, etc. We also had to order all of the supplies (backerboard, grout, etc) for the two bathrooms...and the oh-so-cool river rock base for the master shower and the shower pan kit. We pulled out all of our sample tile pieces and pontificated over how wide we wanted our grout lines (which dictated spacer sizes) and what color the grout should be for each tile style in each of the 3 rooms. We'll refrain from boring you with the details, but you are welcome to check them out and help us lay tiles one of these weeks. We cannot say enough great things about the helpfulness of the folks at the Tile Shop. From the free class we took there to the now hours they have spent with us to give advice and order everything we'll need to do this job ourselves, they have been pleasant, professional and exceedingly helpful. They promised we can call anytime for additional advice even when we are mid-job and they'll give any answers they can (OK, these may be famous last words). Eric and I have also read up on tiling a ton and are confident we can handle this, but at the end of our 2 hour decision-making session there last night we kept nudging each other, "you having tile freak-out yet?" Now we await 2 phone calls (Hamilton Parker & Tile Shop) in the next 2 weeks telling us to come get our stuff!

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