Friday, October 5, 2007

And now for more contractor interviews...

We met with Linda from L&L Floors this morning to give her a tour of the hardwood we'd like to try to patch and refinish. They get rave reviews on Angie's List and from our immediate neighbors...let's see what the price is and whether they can work us into their busy schedule! This evening I interviewed Justen Fick of JLF construction. We're desperately trying to get SOMEONE (ANYONE?) to actually GIVE US A BID on building our porches. It does not LOOK like it would be such an awful job that no one would take it. The roofs are already up even! Thus far we've asked 3 folks for bids (including Justen tonight) and nobody's gotten one to us...we're willing to pay to have it this too much to ask? Justen is also a trim carpenter who mills his own molding...which might come in handy when the drywall is up and we have to start putting the final touches on the replacing all of the molding that was missing from the house with the various pieces parts we've been collecting! And he does built-ins so we might also consult him for the china cabinet and bookshelf next to the fireplace in the living room. Stay tuned...let's see if anyone wants to build a porch or two!

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