Thursday, October 4, 2007

Insulation realization!

Three quick days and it would appear that our house is fully insulated. 75% of it is the rigid foam insulation. Here's what the cathedral ceiling in the living room currently looks like:
The guys were so thorough that they even insulated the space where one of our new entry doors will eventually be placed(hey- it LOOKED like framing)....and filled in the broken transom window so it now oozes primordial foam:
We popped over to the neighbors to check out their refinished wood floors as we're having the same company bid the job at our house tomorrow. In other flooring news, we went to Lumber Liquidators on the west side and picked up three boxes of Morning Star bamboo flooring for the downstairs study ( We think it will make a nice transition from the original hardwood and set the room apart as a separate space. We also considered the cork flooring they have for the upstairs "den" (that funny room space with the skylights in the eaves next to our closet). We haven't committed to that yet, although they had some nice colors (here's the sample we took home: ). We're thinking maybe we should go with a stained cork in a "funkier" color (if such a thing exists), since this is such a unique space that we can totally get away with it!

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John said...

We used Morning Star Bamboo in our master bedroom. It came out really nice and was easy to install. I totally recommend doing it yourself.