Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Because we haven't stockpiled enough tile yet....

We went to Hamilton Parker (tile showroom) this afternoon. We had to get there around 4:30 as they have "showroom hours" of 8AM-5PM weekdays and 8AM-12PM Saturdays and we wanted to get an order in sooner rather than later. We'd been in before and knew pretty much what we needed, but now that the drywall is impending (sheets delivered today for job to start tomorrow) we decided we want to have the supplies ordered so we can start when they finish. From HP we were ordering tiles for the master bathroom. You may recall (or not) that we picked up about 18 cases of US Ceramic subway tiles from Bargain Outlet. HP is an authorized US Ceramic distributor, so we went there to order the matching Victorian chair rail for our project (Doh! those little pieces are expensive! $5+ each for a 6" length of rail). We also got splendid terrazzo-ish white/grey/black flecked 18"x18" tiles for the floor. Since nothing is ever that easy, we also decided to get black "cove" base molding tile for the whole bathroom to put a nice border between the terrazo and subway tiles.
Then we headed to the house for (literally) last minute prep work for the drywall installers. We had to knock down the plaster remaining around the newly cut in window in the guest bath so the drywall can be "laminated" directly on the brick. And we had to remove all remaining traces of the multi-layered (like 8 sheets) wallpaper also in the guest bath on the adjacent wall so they can "laminate" that drywall (or probably greenboard in this case) to the plaster that's in better shape. Can't wait to seee if they actually start tomorrow!

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