Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Washing walls on Halloween

We've lived 10 years in our University District home and have progressed from going all out adorning the house with spooky Halloween decorations and buying a ton of doing nothing of note this year. In past years we've gotten all geared up only to give up an hour into it having received half a dozen kids (all in the same group). We uniformly would surrender and go out to dinner, but optimistically leave the light on and bowl of candy on the porch for costumed revellers. When we'd return we'd at least expect that some over-anxious kid would have dumped the remainder of our treats into their pillow sack, but nope, there was an almost full bowl of candy. After several years we've kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that we don't have that many kids in the hood. This year, while buying 2 bags, just in case, we went to the "new" house to tackle drywall dust. I even brought the bag of Kit-Kats in case some goblin showed up (nope). So Eric and I spent All Souls Day night wielding a shop-vac (him) and damp rags (me) and combatting the fine white dust that has covered everything in the house in the wake of the drywall sanders. We're prepping to get this place primed and put up a few colors this weekend.

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