Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two new crews for a Tuesday!

Or, drywall part deux. The "cleaners" came this morning and hauled out two tons of drywall crap. Extra cuts, bits, pieces, they removed the piles from each room and shuffled them away to who knows where, but they're outta here! Then a two man crew arrived and started putting on the metal corners and drywall taping the seams. Eric and I couldn't stick around to play as the Martineaus arrive Thursday and there is much house cleaning to be done at the "other" home. And Eric already spent an hour+ this morning evacuating all of the plumbing fixtures and paint cans from the front room of the basement where Monday night's rain created a deluge in the nether regions of the house...and shop-vac-ing up umpteen gallons of water....So that battle's not won yet...but we have a plan....and it involves temporarily removing the staircase...but not this week! Maybe over the winter when the rain is not an option!

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