Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A flurry of activity!

Eric and I showed up at the house tonight to tackle a pretty basic project...rid the kitchen of the old of the last vestiges of awfulness from the original state in which we found the house. We walked in the door to delightedly discover that the Phillips' crew had framed in our future arches:
The grand arch looking from the front door/dining area into the future kitchen:
And the first floor had received the initial treatment of spray foam rigid insulation, so our walls and the interior of our house look like something out of a low-budget science fiction film! Do you feel like you're inside the alien? But we can believe that stuff is going to block out any drafts as it gets in all the nooks and crannies and it's rather solid. The team carefully tarped off all of our new windows, exposed brick, electric boxes, etc to prevent them from getting foam-filled:
We imagine today they'll tackle the cathedral ceiling that's "up" in that last photo. One of our architects, Steve, dropped by to check on progress and gave us the thumbs up on everything he witnessed. Then Eric and I went to work getting the fridge out of the house. Since it measured 34" and our widest door maxed out at 32", the masterful Mr. Martineau broke out the ratchet set and removed the us about a 30" fridge. From there we had to actually get it our the door shimmying it left then right (it weighed an obnoxious amount), down the porch steps, across the yard and into the van. Why not just pull the van to the porch and save ourselves the trouble? We have placed a moratorium on bringing the van into the yard as Eric JUST (like today) replaced the SECOND tire that met its demise due to a roofing nail stuck in the sidewall (hence, irreparable). We can't figure out where else we'd be picking up roofing nails other than our own project and those Euro-van tires run from $150-225 (depending on where you're buying we discovered) and we can't have them further increasing our renovation cost. Mission accomplished, we "dumped" the fridge behind a friend's garage who intends to use it as storage (passing the ironic "Nail a Dumper" sign just a few hundred yards down the alley). I think I failed to mention what a completely disgusting mess the fridge is. Aside from the mountain of crap that was on top of it from the demolition (that rained on E's head as we tried to take it down the back stairs), it has been unplugged for more than six months and has spawned an impressive collection of mold and mildew. Oh, and I think we may have discovered the LAST mouse carcass that was caught in the coiling under the fridge that was left in the yard...EWWW! After dropping it in said friend's alley, we hastened to promise that we will return TOMORROW to give it a thorough cleaning and make it a storage-worthy vessel...or haul it away if we fail to accomplish that.

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