Monday, October 29, 2007

It is finished!

By "it", of course, we mean the exterior painting on the house! Eric took the afternoon off, I had the day off and we knocked out the remaining parts that needed painting! Eric "spiderman" scaled the roof (with a small aluminum ladder) and perched off the unseen side of the dormer on blocks to get that done. I hit the remaining eaves that could be reached from the ground with the (manageable) aluminum ladder. Then we used the big ladder to tag-team on the east side peak that needed finishing and couldn't be reached with my smaller ladder. In between all of that I raked up another 4 bags of leaves and removed countless roofing nails from the backyard. Have we mentioned how prolific the nails in the backyard are? I now have a little game that I play. Stoop somewhere in the yard and see how many nails you can find & pick up from that spot. I think my record is 11! What's more ridiculous, is that if I return to the same spot a little while later, I'll find another 3 nails I didn't catch the first time. Anybody got a metal detector we can use to root these things out before precious dog paws play in the yard? Other highlights: the Quoizel outdoor light fixture came in Saturday morning and we picked it up. The drywall mudders returned this afternoon, hopefully to apply the final coat of mud before sanding can take place and then we can start painting! The Tile Shop called to tell us we can come get our order. We're a little tired tonight so we'll do that tomorrow!

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