Monday, October 15, 2007

Sore arm Sunday and achey back Monday

I had today off so I used it for the "fall planting" at the house. The finished product: mums and some plant whose name I don't remember, but it's a perennial whose coloring I thought coordinated nicely with our brick:
What is not visible in the above photo is the 100 tulip, 120 daffodil, 80 crocus and 60 muscari bulbs that are planted UNDERNEATH it all. This was my 6 hour project yesterday. The photo above started with me digging a 3 foot wide, 10-inch deep trench in the shape of the bed. Then I added bulb booster, spaced the plants and laid out all of the tulip and daffodil bulbs...added 5 inches of dirt back in...placed the crocuses and muscari (grape hyacinths)...add the remaining 5 inches of dirt with the priceless help of Eric. An intended future task is to add a brick border using the bricks from the (former) wall in the middle of the house that are currently stacked in the back yard. The front planting was the final task of the day. I started with the "easy stuff." On the side of the house I planted big hostas transplanted from the "original" homestead that I've split for the season and small variegated hostas in the strip over the gutter pipe:
Through all of this digging and dirt disturbing I also removed about 60 roofing and other nails, a window's worth of glass and a dozen of the old school ring pop tabs. We took a break for dinner with the Reno's (Becky's is due today, but no baby...and those crazy kids are going to a concert tonight!). Sunday Eric and I spent the entire day at the house. I spent a few hours on my knees pulling staples from the hardwood floors that we want to have refinished in the living room and dining room:
Eric added some extra insulation in spots to reduce noise in important places like the guest bedroom wall that faces the dining and living rooms:
And the guest bedroom wall next to the stairs so any visitors don't have to listen to us and the dogs clomp up and down the steps QUITE as loudly:
We also spent time shaving the foam insulation (Mary) to fit WITHIN the channels (makes sense to you and me right?) so that the drywall will fit flat on the studs, chipping off extra mortar from the stairway (Eric) for the drywall guys to have better adhesion, and removing traces of wallpaper from the remaining plaster over the brick in the study...again for direct adhesion of drywall to the plaster. We took a "time out" for lunch with the Reno's who are still waiting for the arrival of baby Reno and a trip (was it two?) to Lowe's for Shop Vac bags. it felt good to suck up some of the extra grime and make the place just a little cleaner.

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