Thursday, October 18, 2007

Drywall has begun...sorta

All of the drywall has been delivered to the house. It arrived on Monday. And BONUS waterproof cement backerboard for our "wet" wall areas in the bathrooms came in on Tuesday (meaning we can remove those from our Tile Shop order and eliminate that bit from our own workload!) And the drywall hangers started on the second floor in the "den" (or what we're calling the funny little room with the skylights). I say "sorta" because they hung a total of maybe 4 sheets of drywall:
And then like the lost colony of Roanoke....they vanished! (Is that too obscure a reference? I think I AM smarter than a 5th least as smart?) So the drywall has begun and we hope they work full throttle on Friday. Eric had the brilliant idea to print off our blog to date so we can seal it into one of the walls as a "time capsule" for some future owner (after we've died here) to discover our journey with the house:
Other than that we took a break from house labor today...we mulled over paint options, does that count?

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