Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweater Party Pics

So, in case you didn't know Eric and I are sometimes silly people. When we bought "the house" at the end of 2006 we threw a get-together to show friends and family what we were getting into. Since we survived the demo/reno and have moved in we thought it would be fitting to throw another party to prove that we really are living there and actually even have furniture! But we also like to be goofy so we decided to theme it a sweater party, not knowing those would be all the rage this year, so don't credit us with too much "hipness." I hit the thrift stores and gathered us a stock worthy of shuddering, we took a frightful pic expressing our feelings about holiday sweaters, plastered it on an evite and we were off! The photo that started it all:
(Rumor has it there are t-shirts with this image on it out there somewhere). Some of our first arrivals, Jon and Missy sported frocks that Missy crafted out of wrapping and contact paper:
We even gave out cheesy prizes for cheesy themes. Bru won "most ho ho ho-ish" &
Amanda made us want to put on sunglasses just to look at her:
Barb and Doug were tastefully matching and looked like they were apres-ski ready!
Goofy Dave (bouncing up in the background) wore a big furry sweater to match his lamb chops but you can't see that here:
The always-adorable Clark and Anne:
Anne's handcrafted sweater featured a tree with googly eyes and when she lifted her arms her sweater would SING! Our neighbors Billy and Michelle went for a white trash en vogue look in their holiday colored sweats. They flank other neighbor Clint in his woodsy themed attire:
Patrick and Patrick won "most crafty " with their ornament-al sweaters:
Amber and Nand should have won most festive:
Mark's home-slashed snowman was note the creative use of "yellow snow":