Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A ton of tile!

Is quite literally what Eric and I moved tonight. We went to the Tile Shop to pick up our "splies" and learned that between a whole kitchen's worth of tile and two bathrooms of accompanying backerboard, michigan mud (for the shower pan), mortar and grout..we were going to be making two trips despite owning a formidably super, mega-huge VW Eurovan! Trip one was (19) 4'x4' awkward, though not OVERLY heavy Denshield(R) cement backerboards for the floor (the drywall crew did the walls-thanks guys!), the polished river rock for the shower floor (an easy 50#), (4) 80# bags of michigan mud (Eric carried these), (4) 55# bags of grey mortar, (3) 25# bags of grout, (4) 55# bags of white mortar and all of the floats, sponges, notched trowels, spacers, etc. So there's a half-ton of the crap that represented trip one. We took a break at Cafe Appropos up the street, shared a smoothie and contemplated whether we were really up for another back-breaking round of hauling heavy stuff. Apparently that strawberry-banana concoction had rejuvenating and hallucinatory components b/c we decided we were! Back we went to Morse Road...trip two was all about the kitchen tile. NINETEEN boxes that were an easy 50# each of the "Kund" ceramic slate-look tile for the kitchen. Those suckers are 18"x18" each and are probably packed 6 to a box so it should have been no great surprise that they were obnoxious to hoist out of the car, lug across the yard and attempt to gently set onto the floor (in two different rooms to distribute the weight). Eric and I were wiped out by the time we finished (it was now 8PM and we started at 4:30). But not too tired to appreciate that the drywall mud sanders had been to the house today and completed the job. So once we do a whole house scrub down (there's drywall dust everywhere) we can get about the "fun" task of priming the walls and putting on some COLOR! I'm optimistically hoping for this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting all the supplies! Let us know if you need to borrow tools or just want some moral support :)