Friday, May 23, 2008

Cardboard Kingdom

It's been over a month since our last update. The reason for the lapse is there just is not that much to report. We have moved in and things are going well, but it takes a long time to settle in. There is the whole issue of unpacking. We have the major rooms unpacked, but still have a sea of cardboard boxes in the LR and DR. Plus, the 101 small items of differing priority that we have to tackle just don't have a whole lotta WOW! factor. We hang some art one night. Another day I clean out the shed so we can 1. reach the items in it, and 2. put more in it. We do some more painting on the exterior porch. I rake 1 million concrete pieces out of the dirt that is our yard. See, no "Wow!"

One major accomplishment was to hook up the washer/dryer. Long-time blog readers may recall our dryer's cord didn't match the dryer outlet (3 prong vs. 4 prong cord). A new cord from the hardware store and some heavy lifting (to reach the cord connection) and gymnastics (to plug it in inside our small stackable-w/d closet) and we are able to clean our clothes!

I have a list of about 50 other small projects to complete, and I know it's not a comprehensive list, so it will keep me busy for months to come.