Sunday, November 4, 2007

Color quandary

We've contemplated every current paint chip available from Sherwin Williams and Lowe's. We have a bag of them that have been categorized, ranked, and assigned potential room placement. Yesterday we spent hours washing down and then whitewashing the drywall in the closet, study and, dining room and living room with primer. Then we spent another hour at Sherwin Williams getting 8 gallons and two test quarts of various hues created to get some color up. We started with the first floor study. It is now a perky green called Asparagus with a lovely light green Citrine ceiling. It rocks. We threw a little of the Rookwood Amber on the living room wall and we were pleased. We moved into the dining/entry room with the test quarts of Fire Orange and Yarrow. Yarrow is a bright, we thought mustard-y yellow that we framed the study in. Fire orange went on the wall and soffit at the study entry over the Yarrow. And looking from across the room you saw we paused and said "that's just not right." In our minds we'd envisioned a lovely rouge and amber contrasting, but sophisticated melange. What we got was garish McDonald's foyer. So we let it sit overnight. And still hated it today. We'll have to come up with a new (not "ew") plan!

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