Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1000 little steps

Status Report!
Electrical & Plumbing rough-in are complete and inspections have occured (and passed!). The crew from Lumbee Electric is still on-site running the basement lights and a few other elements. One of the small details I love is moving the electric service point from the center of the back side of the house to the side. The house looks much cleaner without the service chase running down the back side and the yard looks more open. A small thing, but I like it. (You can see the shadow of where the service line and meter were located... just a bit of cleaning and it will be gone).

Below, our new service panel. No, it just looks like it could service Nationwide Arena.

Next, we will call in our structural inspection and if approved we will move on to insulation and drywall. We also are hoping to have the porch deck/columns rebuilt in the near future, but the bids will determine when that will happen.

The framing crew has framed in the soffits for the duct work. We also ordered an iron rail from Fortin Ironworks for our back porch. It should be installed in the next 4 weeks or so.

Painting continues. The photo above shows some more of the trim completed, but still quite a ways to go.

We obtained quotes for new glass-block windows for the basement. As there is not a single pane of glass in any of our basement windows (all boarded-up), having some natural light down there will be nice.

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