Sunday, February 10, 2008

The week in review....

So to recap.....Mary chooses a pattern for the wine cellar wall in random tiles acquired from Habitat for Humanity's Build it Again Center:
Eric returns on Wednesday night and on Thursday helps stain wine racks:
Tile guys start Thursday and complete first course in guest bath:
Tile guys return Friday to create the "running band" of tile mid-wall, the course of tile above it and begin to trim out the window. Eric second coats the window in the guest bath with stain:
An ant's view of Friday's progress in the guest bath:
Remember the dingey walls in the basement wine cellar?
They got a fresh coat of paint on Saturday that brightened them up a bit:
Carpenter Justen returns on Saturday and knocks out a lot of window trim like this one on the window overlooking the living room:
And the master bath window:
And the nifty little window next to the French doors in the master bedroom:
Eric starts staining the exterior doors on Saturday:
All three doors got their first coat of stain and are drying:
On Friday the tile guys let us know that they needed more bullnose tile in the guest bath so we made an emergency trip up to the Menard's in Marion and cleaned them out of the remaining stock of it. Just in the nick of time as they've changed the border and the new one will no longer match our existing bullnose tile. While there we picked up the last of some grey slate ceramic tile for the "wine cellar" floor. The M&R guys returned Friday to hang the glass doors in the kitchen too...except the 1 little one they broke (oops) so we'll see them one more time. And the electricians came to hook up the radiant heat in the master bath so the floors are nice and warm in there now. That's our week in a blog entry.


modernemama said...

The tiles look fabulous, as do the window. Hope you don't mind I added some tags to your post over at

The Martineaus said...

Thanks. I go in spurts at tagging my entries. And I have been very bad about it for weeks!

Jennifer said...

Oh, wow... that slate looks GREAT!!! I've been toying with the idea of doing my tub surround in slate (instead of our TAKY and YUCKY cheap fake marble)... but my husband is convinced it will be too dark. I'm definitely showing him these pictures!!!!