Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still staining and tiling!

Actually, the first order of business today was to pick up the supplies to build our glassblock shower wall. We tried Home Depot yesterday, but they were short the necessary decorative end pieces. They were going to send us out to one of their remote stores, but on the way there today we decided to rule out our local, 2-minutes-from-home Lowes (we didn't remember them having everything we needed either). As luck would have it, our Lowes had every last piece we needed and we saved ourselves a 1/2 hour car trip! Then it was business as usual at the homestead. The exterior doors themselves are complete so we swapped them out with the jambs and Eric got to staining: If you squint at the photo above you can also get a vague glimpse of the finished arched window trim. I tried eight different angles and still couldn't get a good shot of it in the broad daylight, too much backlight! Eric's staining setup from above:
The basement tilework I finished yesterday (entrance left):
The very farthest wall:
Today I grouted the floor in there. The familiar grout haze dilemma:Here's a trick I learned, if you take the photo while the tiles are wet, the grout haze disappears:
A view above and below, floor and wall:

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Raven said...

Your place is looking great! At first, I found that your style didn't really go with a Victorian bungalow, but I've changed my mind now that work has progressed so much.

The 'wine cellar' absolutely wows me. I rent a house with a basement that looks like your cellar. I thought that it was essentially dead space for storing things and promised myself to never buy a house with such a space. But now that I know that it can be made useful and aesthetically pleasing with a bit of paint, tiles, and elbow grease, I'll be more open-minded in my house-hunting expeditions!

Keep up the great work!