Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Third verse, same as the first....

It goes something like this, "Eric stains,"
Three exterior doors times two or three coats of stain times two sides each...and let's not even talk about the door jambs that haven't been touched yet! Drying again:
"Mary continues tiling." This is the wine cellar room in the basement:Tonight I got most of the side cuts done and mortared and have about a row and a half to completion. Meanwhile with the paltry amount of leftover thinset I "played" with the first row in the way back of the room:
The "real" laborers had a productive day as well. Here's the main wall in the master bath:
Main wall towards where the pedestal sinks will sit:
Justen started on the railing between the hall and precipitous drop over the stairs:
Another view of the same, now with handrails:
The electricians also worked today. They had the final inspection Monday and had six areas they needed to address before we can pass. All seemed fairly nitpicky to us plebes, but hopefully we'll get the sign-off tomorrow! And the Blackburn Fireplace man paid us a visit to estimate how much it will cost to install some sort of fireplaces (they are both formerly gas) in our two fireboxes. Answer: likely too much at this juncture!


Serge Halimoncevich said...

Very nice!

Aimee "Roo" said...

Love the color of the door! And the tiles all look really nice. :)

Novak-MacD Family said...

I like your man's beard he has going!

The Martineaus said...

Something about "beard-uary"...and I cannot wait until March!