Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mary's little secret...

Really, this is a little pet project I worked on (am working on) while Eric is out of town. So Eric, if you are looking at the draft of this STOP READING NOW! One of the other little sidelines of Saturday was a trip to the Tile Shop. I was going to buy self-levelling concrete and another bag of mortar and maybe work on the "wine cellar"....until the sales guy gave me the figure of $200+ (for six bags of leveller & 1 bag of thinset) and I decided to check and see exactly how uneven the "wine cellar" floor is before I went crazy with the concrete. Back at the house a little later with the 4-foot level I checked at both ends and everywhere in between and I'll be darned if that floor isn't almost perfectly is certainly level enough to forego $200 in expenditure for the self-levelling concrete! So the last thing I did Saturday was pay a little visit to the Build it Again Center and hit the jackpot. A 50# bag of thinset is $5 (compared to $30+ at Tile Shop). I also got a box of a couple dozen mossy green terra cotta brick-shaped tiles that I thought were a good match for the green Mexican ones that I am contemplating using for an accent in wine cellar room if they don't go anywhere else in the house. And 2 bags of sanded grout in gray and terra cotta ($3 each) in case I got the wherewithal to move this thing along Sunday and they'd be closed. I'm thinking something in a terra-cotta color in 12" squares (with gray grout) for the floor since it will contrast nicely with the greens. There are 2 styles at Lowes that I like that are about $2 per tile, but I couldn't commit to that. And I might pop back over to BIAC on Monday and scout the remaining brick-shaped tiles (in a couple other assorted colors) after making a few calculations and seeing if they can fill the upper wall in a running brick pattern. What I DID come up with was a nice deep red paint color (that coordinated with both of the favored floor tiles). I am using it to finish off the wooden beams in that room and it reminded me of the color of old barn siding. It lightens up the room just a touch and disguises the rough nature of the beams. Here's a hint as you come in the room looking left:

Same shot but taken from across the room (and you can see one portion unpainted on the far left):

The electric wires seemed to paint up OK, but I'll have to come up with at solution for the bright blue light boxes! This is the view straight into the room from the door:

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