Saturday, February 23, 2008

More plumbing, trim, poly and tile

Justen (carpenter) worked on the trim around the living room window arch and it's looking really good. Alas, the photo did not come out as we were taking a pic into a bright window. We'll have to give that a "do-over." The coat closet door now has glass:
The plumbers put in the guest bathroom toilet and Eric affixed a toilet seat today:
Likewise he did final assembly on the master bath toilet:
The kitchen sink now has its IKEA faucet, garbage disposal AND running water:
Eric did some furniture assembly today and put together our bathroom cabinet:
I tiled for a few hours and Eric gave the doors their final poly coat. That's all folks!

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Anonymous said...

Wow you guys, I can't wait to see your finished work in person. You photos look great - you've done such a wonderful job!