Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In other flooring news.

Eric and I have been contemplating what sort of flooring to put in our little "den" area amongst the eaves next to the closet. Our first thought was cork flooring and we were jazzed about these Atlantic Green cork tiles from online:
But then we also considered that the room could probably use a little help with noise reduction (if we have a TV/music in there). So our next investigation was floor tiles. While we really liked the tiles over at I then discovered these online at Home Depot:
They are the current fave for a number of reasons: (1) they are within our budget, (2) they've got the "funky green" thing going and (3) they give us cool pattern options to play with. We were thinking of creating a "rug within a rug" design by using the "Legato Fuse Block" design in the center of the room and surrounding it by the "Legato Fuse Texture" to take it to the walls. With the various shades of green going on in the hallway and the runner we picked up at Lowe's We think the carpet squares will work well in our "groovy room"!

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