Monday, February 4, 2008

Return of the cabinet contractors!

A couple of guys from M&R, our Lowe's-appointed cabinet installation contractor, came to the house today. Recap: there were 9 KraftMaid cabinet doors with assorted dings and damage that were to be replaced. They had all been delivered (oddly enough individually) over the past several weeks and we were ready for the damaged ones to be swapped out with the new ones. 5 of these doors had the glass inserts but the replacement doors sent were open-framed without the glass. The guys looked at the glass doors (scratched ones hanging) and determined that they couldn't remove the glass and put them in the new open frames because it looked like the glass had been siliconed in and they didn't want to mess with it. So 4 of our new solid (no glass) doors were installed and the knobs put on today, but there's further wrangling with Lowe's to be done over the glass insert cabinets. The cabinet contact at Lowe's says they (the contractor) should be able to change out the glass and she'll show the installation guys how it is to be done and they'll get back to me on installing the new ones. It was a tiny bit disappointing, but it's not like I was planning on using the kitchen immediately anyways and we've been thrilled with the work of M&R so far! No pics until those cabinets are DONE!

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