Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Full house

When we got to the house after work the backyard was full of contractor vehicles. Bish, our plumber was there, Justen our carpenter was working and Travis the tile guru was finishing up with caulking the weekend's work. The muy impressive thing finished today, the eyebrow windows received their proper adornment. This one faces the backyard:
This one overlooks the front of the house and Batelle Park:
We are loving the "keystone" piece at the top of each arch that Justen custom-made for us.
Both pedestal sinks in the master bathroom are now completely installed:
And fully functioning...running water INSIDE the house...no way:
A well-placed note (not that you can read it- it says "NO MORE SAWING UPSTAIRS PLEASE") means that the sawdust was relinquished to the basement today:
We resumed our tasks....Eric polyurethaned the doors (side 2 coat 2):
Guess what I did? If you said "TILING" give yourself a gold star! Here's row two up the wall for the wine cellar:
And an overview of the completed work on two walls:


Green Fairy said...

Those side by side pedestal sinks are adorable!

Fine Family said...

your house is really looking great - I love getting to visit it each day!