Sunday, February 3, 2008

Me, myself....and Suz!

I grouted the master bathroom floor solo today. It went much better than I expected. I mixed up about 1/2 a container of non-sanded grout (2.5#) and managed to lay it all in about 20-25 minutes (exactly as prescribed by the container). Then I played the usual sponge the tiles a dozen times game. The grout color (Dove Grey) is a great match as you can barely see it: And the camera flash showed me the spots I still needed to de-haze! The most fabulous Suz showed up and helped me poly the other side of the shelves. It went crazy fast with the 2 of us and the whole project took all of 1/2 an hour! Later I went down to the funky "wine cellar" room and played with dry-lok quick patch cement and filled in the holes in the wall (the dark spots on the lower half):


Jennifer said...

Wow... that IS a great match! It looks like a slab!

Amalie said...

I grouted by myself this weekend too-- and it wasn't as horribly scary as I expected!