Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Plodding along....

The details we are working on are fairly uninteresting. Eric is putting polyurethane on the exterior door jambs (still) and I am working on grouting the wine cellar. They are sorta slow, methodical projects. We flipped the door jambs over this morning and Eric put on the first coat of poly on the remaining side of the three frames. He'll go back this afternoon for a second coat and perhaps this evening for a third and they'll be ready for installation....which may happen as soon as tomorrow! I grouted the shelf base tiles yesterday night and the left wall today with terracotta colored grout. The seams are larger and fairly "freeform" so it looks like I'll need another bag of grout. Luckily I'm doing a lot less grout wiping due to a tip from our tile guy, John. Since they are ceramic tiles, they should not really absorb the grout, so if I give them a couple good wipes with the damp sponge, once the seams are dry I should be able to "buff out" any remaining grout. So far that has held true. Fun note: the carpet squares we ordered last week showed up at the house today so we should have another new project to show off soon!

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