Monday, February 18, 2008

The return of the plumber....

No sooner had the guys finished tiling on Sunday then come Monday morning our plumber returned for the final install. Behold the master bathroom toilet:
We now really NEED to get toilet seats, obviously,and while there's water in the toilet we were too afraid to flush it as we've not seen one of these in the house in about 9 months and we didn't want to jinx our good fortune. He's also got the pedestal sinks set up, but they are not hooked up to water or attached to the wall yet:
And now we've got a lovely showerhead:
Eric practices singing in the shower:
Our fabulous tile guy, Travis, left his tile saw for me to finish up the basement floor today:
And since I had leftover mortar I put up the running pattern of tiles on the bottom of the wall:
We came back later this afternoon and Eric polyurethaned the back of the doors:
I deciphered the Swedish hieroglyphics on our IKEA base cabinet for our guest bathroom sink. It ain't much now, but will be much cooler once the doors are on (and the shelf is in). Voila:
Mostly we're just stoked that it fits the sink we bought over a year ago. We'd been searching for some sort of vintage cabinet or something that would fit the drop in sink, but we've settled on the IKEA version until we find a piece that works. My other task for this morning was spending over an hour vacuuming the entry/dining room. Apparently our carpenter was using it as his sawing studio. I wanted to cry when I walked in after being sick and out of the house for half a week and the room was literally buried under inches of sawdust. So I broke out the ShopVac (you'd think a contractor MIGHT know how to use one of these) and vanquished the nasty mess myself (again). Time to reinstate the "no sawing in the living areas of the house" rule.

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Jennifer said...

Almost finished! Things are coming together nicely.