Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stainmaster E!

Eric wielded his foam brush today and applied "red oak" to a variety of things. The doors all got a second coat of stain (on the first side):
The inside trim of the laundry closet got a first coat of stain (putting us that much closer to getting the washer and drier out of the hallway):
And the bathroom window got hit with the poly!
Meanwhile, I was the tiler. I cut the back row of tiles to fit (Travis' tile saw ROCKS) and mortared in the ledge of the wine cellar room. Next up....the walls:
It's the basement and a wine cellar, we're going for a rustic look. Hence, I freehanded it (no spacers):
Cutting terracotta tiles on Travis' monster saw turned the previously white/grey covered thing bloody red. It looked like someone lost an appendage. For penance I cleaned the thing. Note the blood red tray at the bottom of the picture:
You'll have to trust me that it is far cleaner now than when I found it.

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Jennifer said...

That red oak color is so nice! The tile layout looks great, too. I'm soo impressed by your ingenuity on the tiling design and source!