Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday progress

I like having Mondays off because it feels like a bonus day to work on the house. John from Bernon Tile rocked the guest bathroom today and made good use of the bullnose tile we picked up on Friday. Here's the completed window mortar drying:
Justen was a busy bee too. He framed out the French doors:

And the little window in our funny upstairs "den":

Here's the window in that same room that overlooks the living room:

And here's what I did: tiling the "wine cellar" floor. Or at least about 2/3 of it:

John also started on the master bath cove molding around the shower:


Jennifer said...

I love the wall in the den, with it's reds and oranges!

I showed my husband the pictures of your tiled shower/tub, and he FINALLY agreed that installing slate in the tub surround would look great! THANKS!

AmyD said...

holy cow! i read over the last several posts. dang woman. i love the window trims and the tile around the one is so perfect! i bet you are a task master to work for! :)