Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More tiling for me...

I came to the house tonight to work on my ongoing project of tiling the walls in the wine cellar. It's a little slower going because these are chunky, heavy tiles, so as they are going up the wall I'm afraid if I do more than one row at a time I will have them falling off. Tonight I managed to get a fair amount of the main wall that you see as you walk in the door and the side wall to the left completed. I suspect one more day of tiling and I'll get them all affixed, then I'll be good to grout! I was at the house alone (Eric went to a meeting) and managed to freak myself out over all of the little noises it makes. I'm in the basement, in a tiny brick room (with a nice view of the stairs from the doorway) and occasionally the floor will creak or some other weird noise will cause me to pause, then walk to the base of the steps and listen to make sure no one is prowling around upstairs. I had to get water for the mortar and now that we have RUNNING WATER INSIDE THE HOUSE (sorry for the caps, that's an excited emphasis) I headed upstairs to the master bath only to discover that one of our contractors killed the breaker for the hallway lights to the 2nd floor, at least that was my rationale as the hall lights would not turn on and I had to skulk upstairs in the dark. Thankfully the bathroom light worked, but that just made me feel illuminated on a floor of darkness. After 2 1/2 hours of tiling (and an hour of over-listening to creaks) I called it quits. Photos? You wanted me to go back down the basement with the camera after all of that? I think not tonight! You'll get some photos from a trip in broad daylight tomorrow. Other notes: Justen put in the stairs up to the closet. They look nice, but in doing so he removed our copy of the blog that was supposed tucked under the stairs and supposed to be sealed in there as a "time capsule" of our work for some future owners. Oops.

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