Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pond power and more amber

Our electrician, Dustin, was back today. He removed the brick path next to the back porch, dug a trench to to bury the power line and installed the outlet for our future pond. We intend to transplant the 6 fish from our original pond (all thriving at the old house) to make the move with us. Eric has a plan to create a lovely paver patio to better enjoy our water feature (the current one is across the sometimes-dog-mine-laced yard). Eric and I spent a quality hour rolling on the Rookwood Amber main color in the living room. We gave it a solid first coat and killed that gallon, but will have to go back to SW for another to give it a second coat. And my hope is to paint the living room in the coming weekend. Stay tuned for photos!

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