Monday, November 12, 2007

Color and Shape

Eric powered out quite a bit of work on Saturday. He painted the whole living room ceiling and started the Fire Orange on the walls. That gave me plenty of edging work to do on Sunday. We spent a FULL day at the house, arriving at 8:30AM and painting, etc. until 3 when we decided we were STARVING. Here's me edging the dining room. By the end of Sunday we had this one completely knocked out! Yes, it's bright with a 500 watt bulb glaring on it:
Where once there was a front porch....and someday soon there will be again!
Eric delighted in ripping up the last vestiges of the nasty brown carpet from the stairway to the basement.
He must have been inspired by my work on the steps to the second floor. A cloud of dust filled the first floor when I took out the roll of brown shag. I cannot tell you how many staples and obnoxious "u" tacks I had to remove from these stairs. Eric suggested we pay tribute to the stair color "periwinkle blue" elsewhere in the house:
My first task Sunday morning was to second coat the edging in the living room and touch up all of the ceiling:

It's kinda crazy how different the color looks just from different angles and with the light shining on's almost the same spot:
The lovely new plywood floor in the kitchen awaiting tiling:
Eric will have to explain this one, but I think it's the kitchen floor with the old plywood rippedup and before the new plywood went down:
The porch footer hole after the downpour (there's cured concrete below that muddy water mix):
A charming collection of green glass pulled from beneath the front porch:
Today's accomplishments were not nearly as exciting or visually stimulating. I primed drywall in the basement stair hall, guest bedroom, kitchen and second floor hallway. And sponged drywall dust from the master bedroom and loft. Eric sistered a third joist in the basement. Justen arrived to haul the gorgeous mahogany for our porch floors into the living room for safekeeping.
Maybe there will be fun (color) painting to report tomorrow!

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