Monday, November 26, 2007

A visual recap of our painting progress

The Fire Orange entry/dining room taken from the kitchen:
The Fire Orange arch looking into the Mustard kitchen (we're still trying to decide what color to paint the arch undersides - there are 3):
The arches in the Mustard kitchen looking to the front door:
The comparably tame Harvest Gold guest bedroom:
The second floor trio of greens in the hallway around the laundry room (yes, the edging still needs to be done in the photo even though it's complete in real life!):

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love the colors!
As far as the color of the underside of the arches... my intitial thought is to start at the front of the house and walk through each arch. As you come to an arch, paint it the same color as the room you are leaving. Does that make sense?
I'm basically going on the principle of formal vs informal spaces.. formal ones tend to be at the front of the house, and it would look good to have the arches thet same color as a formal room.

Just my two sense... looks good!