Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Priming and caulking and purchasing Tuesday

Today we gave Heather and Jamie (and Emily) who are on their way to Yellow Springs for Thanksgiving the tour of the house. They saw it over Labor Day Weekend when we did not yet have drywall. It was fun to gauge how far we've come since then by their reaction. When they left for YS I went back to work. I primed the entire second floor hallway to get ready for our trio of greens. And I removed more staples from the steps. Ugh. Then I got out the caulk gun and spent about an hour and a half putting silicone into every seam and nail hole in the guest bathroom floor. We've got to seal it to prep it for the self-leveling concrete. Eric did a great job this weekend creating plywood patches for the 3 holes in the floor:
Yesterday I put down a couple coats of "Pro-Level Primer" which is also supposed to make the floor less porous, but the silicone ought to "seal the deal!"

For our evening's entertainment, Eric and I returned to Lowe's to seal another deal, placing the order for our kitchen cabinets. We're going with the KraftMaid (sorry John!) Solana Cherry Square. Just to compare, we got a quote from a local custom cabinet maker who came highly recommended, but his estimate for cabinets alone was more than our budget for cabinets and countertops. And Lowe's has (had) a sweet deal going on where we received our farm sink cabinet free (subtract $451 from the total), a $500 gift card for ordering more than 10 KraftMaid cabinets with installation, we should get another $1,000 in gift cards for a special kitchen promotion they had going on, oh, and since we are going with Lowe's installation, the whole deal is tax-free so say hello to another $800 in savings. We figure we can get our gas range and over-the-range microwave with the gift cards. We've got until Monday to change our minds, but we're pretty happy with the decision right now!

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