Thursday, November 29, 2007

Polyurethane and stair frame

I managed not to go to the house until AFTER work today. Justen was still working on the front porch where he has given our mahogany decking a lovely border and framed in the front steps for the eventual pouring of concrete (how warm does it have to be for how long to do that?) I could peer in the front window and see the now-polyurethaned and walnut-stained living room floor and went inside to check it out. The floors are looking really great. The second coat of poly will go on tomorrow. What I could see of the natural pine in the guest bedroom looks sweet and they'd sanded and poly-ed the stair treads and presumably the upstairs hallway and closet. Although since we're not allowed to walk on the floors until Sunday I had to imagine how awesome they look in my head!

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