Sunday, November 18, 2007

ApplianceSmart Sale...

The Thanksgiving holiday is a natural time for major sales. This holds true for major appliances as well. Apparently everybody wants to upgrade for the holidays. Eric and I spent the morning working at the house (painting and fixing the floor in the guest bathroom). Eric agreed to humor me and go to ApplianceSmart out on Cleveland Avenue as we heard they were having a big sale and that's where we got our whole set of appliances last year when we remodeled the kitchen. We walked in looking for a washer and dryer for starters. We've got an unusually small laundry closet (31"x45") and are going to need a set that is shorter front-to-back. Thus far we are having a hard time finding anything under 28" and apparently you've got to leave about 4" for the dryer hose. We were liking the great deal they have on the Whirlpool Duet Sport (washer and dryer for $799...the cost of ONE of them elsewhere), but weren't sure they'd fit. So, we gave up on those and went to look at Fridges. We're going stainless again and they had some great deals (35% off outlet prices) on their scratch and dent stock. After much deliberation and advice from one of the sales guys, we ended up with a GE Profile fridge with more bells and whistles (like a compartment that can be programmed to chill stuff in 15 minutes) than I've had before- at the cost af your average fridge. It must be said that it has one itsy bitsy dent on the side that we'll never notice once it's installed. Now that sales guy Patrick had our attention he detoured us to the dishwashers and reeled us in on another GE Profile model with lots of rack options and a lazy feature that allows you to pour in liquid Cascade that measures out just enough for each wash and we likely won't have to refill it for about a year (and if we do it's got a sensor to tell us to!) SOLD! About this time Patrick must have figured out we're serious shoppers and decides to mention that those Duet Sport washer/dryers we were keen on can actually be vented from either side for a small surcharge and would probably actually work rather well for our space. Well, allrighty then! We'll take a set of those too!

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