Friday, November 16, 2007

Duct dilemma down!

We're getting the hardwood floors refinished on 11/26..yep, that's just around the corner. In the meantime we learned that they' ll need the house heated for the floors to cure once stained and poly-ed. But the earliest duct cleaning I could get scheduled was 12/5 by Favret. Now the reason the duct cleaning is so imperative is that the construction dumped all kinds of nasty into them. And we fear that firing up the furnace would result in some minor catastrophe with all that junk sucked into it. So first thing today I called Favret and asked them to put me on the flagged list of next available cleaning should somebody cancel. And then I called up MasterClean and pleaded and they were able to squeeze us in on Monday afternoon (11/19). Just as soon as had I set up the Monday appointment the phone rang. It was Favret and if we could let them in the house within the hour they can get it done today! Coincidentally, Eric was already at the house with Rick from Quality Air who's done the rest of our HVAC work. It was perfect timing because he installed all of the returns and ducts and was right there to give the Favret guys the details of what needed cleaning. Eric dropped by after lunch as they were finishing up to touch base. They left the furnace on (as requested), but warned him they thought the blower might be going. When he went back 20 minutes later...the furnace had already quit working. So a phone call to Favret and they sent out a different guy who cleaned off a different part and we're up and running again! Stay tuned and we'll see if that's still true tomorrow morning!
Addendum: the furnace is still going strong!

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