Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Porch & Paint Photos

Justen began the front porch demolition yesterday, which was very exciting as the porches are the last exterior elements that we are going to tackle (aside from landscapping, of course). Here is the location of the former porch. Mary and I had great fun salvaging old paver bricks which we found under the porch deck (and Justen played along very nicely). Some of the pavers were still in a pattern indicating a very simple porch foundation which must have pre-dated the wrap around porch which was torn down years ago.

Below: our final accomplishment last night: painting the vaulted ceiling, which Mary had primed earlier in the day.

Below: The study. Yes, we like green.

Below: the mistake. The red/orange, combined with the gold/yellow and the green in the study created one big traffic-light. However, we did like the amber in the foreground, so it will stay in the living room.

Below: Just a shot of our arches primed and ready for (not yarrow gold) paint.

Below: Eric makes it to Prime Time.

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