Monday, November 26, 2007

A full house

We had plenty of people working at the house today! I dropped Eric at the office at 6:45AM (he's on his way to a trial) and went to the house. I plastic-sheeted off the rooms on the 2nd floor to prevent wood dust from interfering with my painting. L&L Hardwood Flooring showed up promptly at 8AM, asked me some questions and got to work. I left for a few hours and by the time I got back at 11:30 they had the living room sanded (note the lovely inlaid border):
I got some more priming done on the second floor in the bedroom and they got to work prying up the extra small slat trim in the future office (the darker spot is where it used to be). By the end of the week we should have bamboo flooring in here:
Then the guys sanded the pine flooring in the back bedroom....Uh, after removing another hundred of the nails I warned about. Apparently this room used to have the small slat oak flooring that's in the front of the house and when it was removed at some point they just left the myriad finishing nails and hammered them down.
This photo shows the strip of small slat oak flooring that will be patched. The flooring at the very bottom has been sanded:
And wonders never cease, our porch contractor has returned from finishing another job and promises that he's devoted to our porches full time until he is finished. And he was earnestly digging footer holes and mixing concrete like a madman in the cold rain yesterday so we'll believe him until we have reason not too. And he sent photos of the other job that he completely and they look great so collectively cross your fingers that the porches turn out so good!

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Anonymous said...

I love the inlay you guys, great job! I'm so excited to see your house finished, maybe not as much as you are, but I am pretty excited. I'll try and make it over for some of the craft fair. Tina is doing one this weekend at St. Joe's montessori (but hopefully next year she'll do the NM one) so we'll be busy with that but I think Sophie and I can sneek out for a bit.