Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Colors make me happy!

And the kitchen color is guaranteed to knock anyone out of a glum spell. Eric and I cleaned up the guest bathroom this evening- vacuuming up all of the drywall dust and chunks. Then he removed the extra slim-plank flooring that covered 1/3 of the room. We had to tear that up and we'll have some holes to fill in (where old heat registers were). Then we've got a self-leveling floor concrete to pour on that will serve as the base for our eventual tiling. While Eric used the prybar, I was wielding the roller brush in the kitchen and laying down a coat of Mustard Gold paint (http://www.materials-world.com/paint-colors/valspar_lows_laura_ashley/laura_ashley/laura_ashley_06.htm). It's a pretty bright mustard-y yellow that we chose because it works nicely with both our muted slatey floor tiles and the colorful Mexican tiles we intend to use as the backsplash in the kitchen.
Check out the floor tile here: http://www.tileshop.com/products/products.asp?categoryID=2&subcategoryID=9&familyID=295&pageIndex=1

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