Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Floor stain and patching and porch decking!

I popped by the house just before 8AM this morning to pick up some stuff for work that I'd left there. Like clockwork, the floor crew was already there and setting up for the day ahead. They'd patched the major sections of the dining room and living room and were going to hit some smaller holes in the guest bedroom before putting down the walnut stain on all of the thin oak flooring. I left to let them go about their routine. Mid-afternoon Nick called to see what direction we wanted the bamboo flooring in the study oriented..."Really?! That's going to be done today?" I excitedly exclaimed. "Yep." (I don't think Nick is nearly as excited as I am). Eric and I stopped by about 6:30. The smell of the stain hit us like a wall when we entered the house. We stood on the plywood in the kitchen and blasted our mega-watt work lights on the walnut-stained wood. And we were pleased. We snuck through the unstained guest bedroom and bath onto the finished bamboo flooring in the study. The midtone bamboo coordinates well with the green paint in there and L&L did an amazing job laying it in adjacent to the oak in the dining room with almost no seam! And they gave us a nice transition into the guest bathroom:
From there we had a closer look at the living room with it's rug-reminiscent border and it too looked phenomenal! Hmmmm...maybe Justen got work done today too as it was a lovely 50 degrees...and I noticed that the mahogany porch flooring has moved from the second floor den to the basement steps with the rest of the pieces that were way too long to maneuver upstairs. We grabbed the lantern and headed out. Sure enough, the porch framing is complete and the mahogany decking has been laid! No more 4 foot drop from the front door:We can't wait to see the embellishments. Clinton and Becky stopped over to check everything out and Clint's got tomorrow off and offered to photoshop in what corbels would look like on the porch. Cool!

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