Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday painting Monday

I heart my days off. Today's task was finishing up painting the guest bedroom in Harvest Gold. I edged it (twice) and it's, well, as good as gold!
While I was at it I went on a staple removing binge in this room. They are clustered around the outside edges of the wall and across some apparent seams in the room. This room also has a really wierd has dozens of small nails that are half sunk in the wood and the other half knocked over and pounded into the floorboards. Those suckers are a nuisance to remove. My final good deed for the day was to clean out the guest bedroom closet. We'd been using it as makeshift storage for tools and miscellaneous other stuff (like a hundred yard roll of plastic sheeting?) I transported everything to alternate quarters in the kitchen (and the dumpster) to prepare for the arrival of the floor refinishers next Monday.

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