Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a Wednesday!

Did I mention that at work they discovered that I've got 8 remaining vacation days to expend this year? So I've got this entire week of Thanksgiving off. It means that I can get a lot done on the house, but it also makes me acutely aware that our porch contractor (who promised me a front porch by Thanksgiving) is AWOL and has been incommunicado for days. It is somewhat disheartening to accomplish more in three days than the guy you've paid thousands of dollars in downpayment to has in three weeks. But let's focus on the successes. Today was a fun painting day. I started on the hallway greens. We've got three tones- very light, medium and a darker shade. With all of the angles in the hallway it's fun to decide which is going where. I went with the ones I knew for sure- the medium tone (Hearts of Palm) is going on the walls of the hallway up the stairs and the lightest one (Restoration Ivory) is going on the ceilings. I got a first coat of both of those down and left the remaining walls (and trust me, there are plenty) to confer with Eric about! Note the nice little makeshift railing my handy husband built to keep me from spilling over the side:

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