Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Virtual touring time

Sister Heather requested MORE photos of the house to vicariously view from the Bay area. So here's a photo tour for all of you who couldn't make the party. The front porch (all new) and two front doors stained by Eric:
Approaching the main door and the glow of my favorite porch light:
In the front foyer/entry/dining room on the right is the mantle and the coat closet (glass door):
On the left is the chandelier over the bar (one day to be a dining room table) and the French doors to the study:
A wider shot of the fireplace, mantle, coat closet and on the left is the main arch into the kitchen:
To the far left of the entrance are the pocket doors to the living room. View of the left half of the living room including the new exterior door on the far left:
A view of the park from the picture window:
The full view of all 4 windows facing the park on the exposed brick wall. The eyebrow is in the cathedral ceiling where we removed the original ceiling:
We exposed the brick fireplace and had the firebox we need to get an insert...that's for another budget!
Back out to the dining room:
View from the entry/dining room through the arch into the kitchen (we've still gotta figure out how to paint the arches):
View into the kitchen from the archway. The full panel glass back door is new too:
View from the back door through the kitchen into the dining/entry room:
Lovely flowers in the photos by Market Blooms. View from the basement door into the kitchen:
View from the entry room into the den/study:
Inside the study the door to the guest bathroom (we painted the WC):
Into the guest bedroom from the hallway:
Into the guest bathroom from the other side in the bedroom:
Sorry- I didn't post guest bathroom photos again because I figured you'd seen enough and nothing is new. Here it is in progress if you need a refresher:
The hallway to the second floor:
A single shot of the master bedroom because it's just hard to get a good angle:
The master bath from the shower:
The master bath from the sinks:
The hallway on the second floor. To the right is the master bedroom and a closet with the laundry. To the left is the bathroom. Past the railing is the steps down:
From the hallway into the groovy room/den. The window goes to the living room:
Stepping further into the room:
Our fun and funky seating area in the groovy room. Watch your head when you stand up. According to Brian, those angles can be concussion-inducing!
Back down the stairs:
And back to work! Tonight we started staining woodwork in the master bedroom. Eric worked on the French doors while I did the eyebrow windows above:
He also hit the little window next to the doors a bit. Yeah, the photo is upside down:
And those eyebrow windows are tricky and will require lots of touch-up painting for the walls:
The hounds are happy that they are once again permitted to accompany us to the house. Here they are in their favorite room that overlooks the park:
They are also willing to snuggle on the futon:
Bogart doesn't "get" this photo-taking thing:


Raven said...

Your house looks amazing!

I love your exterior paint choices. It's rare to find a house where the paint job is so perfectly suited to the brick.

Your inside colours are so joyous and and refreshing!

The 'WC' on the bathroom door is a nice touch of humour.

Jennifer said...

WOW! When can I move in? It looks amazing.